Sonic Analyst

Sonic Analyst is an experimental application that is part of an overall audiovisual production concept. The general idea is a real-time CG graphical scene that is manipulated interactively by live musicians on stage.

Such a performance involves a variety of complex content assets. A robust content pipeline will enable producers, designers and musicians to create high quality interactive shows. The design of this concept creates challenges in many areas. One of them is the interactive extraction of musical features from live sound. This is where Sonic Analyst comes in.

This application deals with the creation of Sonic Characters which are customizable musical expression parameters. The ability to individualize the musical character extraction for different instruments or musicians is key to a natural and playful interactive scene manipulation.

A use case scenario in Sonic Analyst  to create a Sonic CharacterA use case scenario in Sonic Analyst to create a Sonic Character

My bachelor thesis at the Vienna University of Technology builds the foundation for Sonic Analyst. The thesis deals with the general requirements created by this project. I wrap up existing literature of Musical Information Extraction that is relevant for my purpose. I further show the technical design document of Sonic Analyst and where it fits into the overall concept. The application itself is currently under development. If you want to have a little peak into the current development, check out this YouTube video:

If you have any particular interest in this audiovisual concept, or generally in the area of live audiovisual performance, please don't hesitate to contact me.