In summer 2006 my colleague Anton Frühstück and I released a game called "Cubophobia". It was programmed during an OpenGL lab course at the Vienna University of Technology and our kick-off to OpenGL graphics programming. You can steer a ball in a cube-like dungeon and your mission is to roll your way out. We kept the story and the complexity of the gameplay minimal to spend most of our time on engine programming and content creation.


  • Deferred shading with HDR
  • Omnidirectional shadowmapping for multiple lightsources
  • Adaptive depth of field
  • Physical gameplay (Ageia PhysX)

As for the workflow of content creation, we've used a simple Maya-centric approach. One whole level was stored in a single FBX file. We assigned default materials on objects using our own set of color textures. That way we were able to perform the whole UV setup in Maya with a live textured preview. Extra attributes could be assigned for each object of our scene. The actual game engine would understand these parameters which include physics, optional normal/specular textures and sound properties. Special trigger objects with predefined target methods enabled us to implement simple but effective scene events. While all objects in the game were modeled by ourself, we have took advantage of using the Total Textures Library for all of our texture maps. Using textures from the same package only was crucial for the overall look of the game.

Eventually, we entered this game in the Eurographics 2006 student game contest and won as 2nd in the competition. My colleague Anton furtherly tweaked the game to allow things like Replay and Item Buffers for eye-tracking devices which has been used mainly for research purposes. At this time a third level "Rookie" to the original two also has been added.

Further development of Cubophobia has been stopped, however, if you own an NVIDIA graphics card, you have good chances the game would still work. You can download the last version at the bottom of this page.

I would also like to thank my friend Paul Gallister who created great sound and music for our game.

Checkout this gallery for high-res screenshots of all Cubophobia levels and how content has been edited. There are also some Cubophobia in-game videos on YouTube, this one shows the Rookie level:

For even more information, videos and screenshots visit the official homepage of Cubophobia: